Common issues you may experience with your gearbox

  • Not selecting gear
  • Jumping out of gear
  • Noisey gearbox i.e. whining/crunching

We offer all repairs on most major manufacturers & models. A faulty gearbox can major affect the performance of your vehicle, as it plays a vital part of its mechanical operation, Therefore it is of great importance that your gearbox is kept in optimum condition in order to maintain your vehicle's performance.

Manual gearbox being repaired


We supply and fit re-conditioned gearboxes for all makes and models of car and light commercial vehicles. Our warehouse has an extensive range of stock covering a wide range of vehicles. Our average turnaround is one to two days of booking your vehicle in with us. We also supply and fit new clutch assemblies.

Swansea reconditioned gearboxes


Our premises currently comprises of three units. Each unit has two poster and four poster bays, complete with air compressors and high powered guns. There are a wide range of specialist gear pullers and tools to suit any manual gearbox or clutch problem that we may encounter.

What's Involved?

The process of repairing a gearbox can be broken down in to the following steps:

  • The vehicle is road tested by one of our qualified staff to determine the problem.
  • If faulty, the gearbox can then be removed from the vehicle using one of our ramps.
  • The gearbox is then stripped down to ascertain the faulty part.
  • The faulty item can then either be replaced or repaired. If there is substantial damage, the box can be completely re-conditioned.
  • Once fixed, the gearbox is ready to be fitted back in to the vehicle.
  • The gearbox can now be re-filled with gear oil and once again road tested.


All of our work is guaranteed and covered by our own warranty:

  • 12 Months on exchange units.
  • 6 Months on exchange commercial gearboxes.
  • 12 Months on all new clutches.
  • 3 months on gearbox repairs.